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Move was a turning point for us as a band. It felt like we had reached a maturity in our songwriting that was brought to a head in this song. All the instruments felt tied to together rhythmically and melodically more so than in previous songs, you can hear this in all the little breaks we have going on throughout. Every idea we had for Move fine tuned something that we already loved, from the stabs in the pre-chorus to the timings in Sam's guitar solo, every aspect was thought about profusely but it never felt like a struggle. Some songs just come together. We couldn't wait to get this recorded, we wanted to capture the excitement we'd experienced the first time we played the song through. As usual, before we'd even opened our mouths, Bron had recorded the drums ready to go for the track. Bron, who has recently become known as the 'one-take wonder', smashed out the drums in record time, using the new microphones we had purchased to kick the recordings up a gear. He eased through the track with precision and kept it tight, even when the timings change in the guitar solo - legend. I tried to keep the bass fairly simple in this song, I was really focusing in on that kick drum, which I felt helped to keep the song tight when there was so much going on. I added a little bit of flair here and there, especially in the transitions between verses and choruses. Overall I was massively happy with the bass and its sound in this song. One of my favourite moments during the recording of this song was when we were recording Sam's guitar solo. In usual fashion, we'd all crowd round Sam and listen to him firing off different versions of a similar guitar solo moulded to the song. His spontaneous riff-changing is admirable, such a great and flexible guitarist to work with. During this, we'd all picked out the sounds that we'd really loved and Sam combined them to make it into one of my favourite guitar solos (I'm not making it up!). That feeling when you hear the guitarist smash through their solo is beautiful. Here's looking forward to the next time! We had a large focus on the vocals and lyrics for 'Move'. Sam had reeled off almost the entire lyrics for the song within moments of coming up with the tune, we only really worked together on the pre-chorus and chorus as everything he'd come up with just fit so well. We had the idea of being in the middle of a change of path, of thought in life, when you feel you're so ready to move on, but when you try, you realise you're actually entrenched in your rut, further than you thought, and it seems that everything is moving quicker than you can 'move' with it. 'Are you ready to follow? Got no time to borrow' was a favourite line of the song which I thought fit the idea so well, when the time comes for the change, are you going to be ready? Sometimes there isn't a chance to think twice about moving forward. The harmonies in this also have a special place in my heart, we've always been working hard to get our harmonies to work, but one night when me and Sam were jamming through the vocals at his house, the harmonies just came out, and we rushed to the record button on the phone as quick as possible. I think we must've sat there singing the same line for ages as we were enjoying it so much. Overall, one of my favourites so far. We all came together so well for 'Move' and once again we recruited my friend George Holden, Northern Prawn Media to shoot a music video for us whilst we played a gig in York. We all had high expectations from George as his previous work astonished us, but we were over the moon when we saw the finished product, is was so much more elaborate and well-crafted than we could've even imagined.

The artwork was created by John Creighton a local artist and absolute legend. Thank you to everyone involved as always. We love you. Be sure to check out more of 'Move' on our Website, YouTube and Spotify. Much love, Kris and your boyz Bron and Sam.

Check out 'Move' below.

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