Paying Your Dues: Reflecting on the First Year of Hunter-Gatherer

As Hunter-Gatherer pass their one year anniversary of forming, it seems a fitting moment to stop and reflect on our first experiences together as a band. From our initial jams in the spare room of my house, henceforth known as the School House Studios, to our headline show at The Chameleon Arts Cafe in Nottingham, it has been a wild ride – and we are only just getting started.

“Now is the time for you to walk that lonely road...”

Looking back, I cannot help but feel a great sense of pride in our debut single, Just Fine. This recording captured the excitement of the band's early jams and showcased the full-fat, funk-rock frequencies which Hunter-Gatherer have continued to gravitate towards. However, the song has evolved considerably in a year, and even in our live session at the Toolmakers studio you can already see how the song quickly matured. Watch out for this beast at our live shows.

“… ‘till I disconnect”

Experimenting with our sound has come naturally to Sam, Kris and myself. As we played out initial gigs supporting Freek, Rocketsmith and Mr “Rock Like F*ck,” Adam Bomb, we each took the opportunity to spice up our sonic palette and incorporate new ideas we had been testing. Disconnect is a perfect example. Once again, like Just Fine, the live performances of Disconnect have seen the emotion in the lyrics and the music intensify over time. Nevertheless, the song has remained a mainstay in our setlist and allows both the band and the audience a breather before we accelerate on towards the final moments of the performance.

"Flying high”

At the turn of 2019, it was time for Hunter-Gatherer to venture beyond their immediate surroundings of York and Leeds. As we embarked on a co-headline tour with our brothers in Freek, we embraced the challenge of establishing ourselves amongst new audiences across the North. After a brilliant opening show at the Verve Bar in Leeds, our focus immediately turned to Sheffield and the carving out of a presence in the city from scratch. We’re not afraid of such ventures into uncharted lands; we’ll give the same energy whether there’s 5 or 500 people in the room.

“Gotta keep your head down…”

Our debut gig in Nottingham remains another highlight of our first year. This gig represented a leap to the other side: the South. Our fans in London might consider this to have been little but a stroll beyond the Moors, however, rocking The Chameleon on a Thursday night was dead cool. Playing a support slot for Marco Mendoza on his solo tour was also an inspiring moment, and offered us a lesson in how to truly get every person in the room to boogie with you.

“Come on off your pedestal to me”

After a flurry of singles all recorded at the School House Studios, including Head Down and Pedestal, we looked to our talented brother George Holden and Northern Prawn Productions to help us bring these songs to life. Whether it was Sam Coppack risking his life on the rooftops of York, or us jamming on the Moors, George conveyed our the meaning of our lyrics and music to screen in a way which still astounds us today.


As we embark on a number of gigs this summer, we’re readying several new surprises for you all. Once again, we really do appreciate each and every one of you who has supported us on our journey to this point. Your thoughts on where we we should wander, both musically and geographically, are invaluable.

Anyway, if you have read to this point I’d say that it is time you put the kettle on. I’d recommend chai tea, but that’s just me. Whilst it's brewing, have a boogie to our recent releases, tell your friends about us and mark your calendars for our upcoming gigs.

See you soon,


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