Pedestal Explained

Hi all, I hope you're well, Kris here.

As we've just released our music video for our single 'Pedestal', I thought it'd be worth saying a few words about the song and the video.

We had such a great time filming the music video with our mate George Holden from Northern Prawn Media, he brought 100% of his game to the table and we were massively thankful for this. We had him out on the the moors in the freezing cold, filming shots from different angles and giving some artistic direction. (We even got him up on some scaffolding for the aerial shots!)

Pedestal is one of the first songs we wrote as a band and started off with a few little cool riffs that Sam (Vox/Guitar) had in store. He came round to mine for a jam and we started shaping the song into what it is now. Together we changed a couple parts so that the bass and guitar would fit together well, going in and out of playing similar riffs to compliment each other.

We took the song to our next practice with Bron (Drums/Backing Vox) who switched it up once again, adding some funky ass beats to it and providing further direction to the structure of the song. We decided to add a little breakdown and a guitar solo, which meant that I got chance to add in some slap-bass riffs (Who would've thought it?!).

The bulk of the lyrics were formed one evening as I sat in my room full of adrenaline, as the excitement of the song was within me. I wrote and wrote until I had something I thought was usable and that fit in well with the feel of the song. I felt that the chorus was important and needed to have a simple but catchy line to go over it.

'The way we are, does it have to be? Come down off your pedestal to me.'

These words made sense to me as I felt that people would relate to them. Its kind of about those times when you're having trouble with people and you just wish you could talk on the same level, as you feel it'd help work out your problems. You don't need much ground, but you just need some, to iron things out. 'Don't have to go to far, I just want to see.'

In the usual HUNTER-GATHERER style, once we had some lyrics, they were brought to the rest of the band, who in turn switched them up a bit, adding bits and taking away parts that were unnecessary, until we had what we wanted.

Sam sorted out the vocal line to the song and then figured out a harmony for me to sing with him, resulting in the lovely layering we have towards the end of the song.

Being one of the first songs we wrote as a band I feel a lot of love for this one and I believe it is a great insight into our style and feelings as a band.

We all brought separate pieces to the table but we formed them into a song that was exactly what we wanted.

Then George came and captured the feel perfectly.

Thanks everyone,







George Holden (Northern Prawn Media)




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