Chameleon - Nottingham

Nottingham was amazing, one of the most enjoyable gigs to date.

We played the Chameleon in Notts with Saints Bay, a great indie band also from Nottingham, they were an interesting addition to the evening, great funky songs that kept you wanting more, they were welcomed to an encore by the crowd.

FREEK killed it as always, heavy but with big grooves at the same time held together perfectly with the drums, exactly what you want to hear.

We loved our set, full of energy as always. We blasted through it with full funky force, and even showcased a new song. (Watch this space)

Our next gig will be supporting Marco Mendoza at the Apollo in Scarborough on the 7th May.

Its gonna be big, its gonna be funky, and its gonna be loud...

See you there, our funky friends!

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